EMVD supports the R&D dating for Animal Health and Innovation

March 8, 2016 Posted by marie-claire santarosalia

Another success for the R&D dating for Animal Health and Innovation

December 1st and 2nd, 2015 in Strasbourg

The French association of animal health industry (SIMV) welcomes the new success of the second edition of the R&D dating for animal health and innovation which takes place on 1 and 2 December 2015 in Strasbourg. Hosted within BioFIT, these meetings have brought together more than 45 organizations and companies. They are organized in partnership with the Animal Health Carnot Institute, The technology transfer SATT IdfInnov, the cluster Atlanpôle Biothérapie, the European Manufacturers of veterinary diagnostics (EMVD) and Provaxs of the Ghent University.

The second edition of the R&D dating for animal health and innovation brought together over two days, December 1st and 2nd 2015, 80 attendees of 45 organizations and companies including 11 SIMV members (Bayer Animal Health, Biomerieux Animal Health, Boehringer ingelheim animal health, Domes Pharma, CEVA animal Health, Merial, MSD Animal Health, Qalian, Vetoquinol, Virbac and Zoetis). Six European countries were present: Belgian, Finland, France, Germany, Spain and United Kingdom (England and Scotland).

For the first time this year, SIMV chosen to bring together some participants of the event on a pavilion dedicated to animal health within the Biofit exhibition space. Thus, four SIMV member companies (CEVA, Merial, Zoetis and Virbac) present at the side of SIMV with the Animal Health Carnot Institute on the animal health pavilion.

Jean-Louis Hunault, president of SIMV, expressed his satisfaction of this opportunity to promote again within BioFIT our know-how and expertise “Our members get involved heavily again in this event. This event is the preferential contact point between innovation partners internationally oriented and our companies. The new success of this edition demonstrates that there was a real need that was filled. Our goal has been reached.”

Reminder, the objective of these meetings is to initiate high-level exchanges between research departments of the health industry (veterinary and human), and public research, as well as biotechnology companies (start-ups) to promote European expertise in animal health, leading to partnerships (public-private and private-private) and to promote innovation.

Once again, these meetings provided a unique opportunity for public and private researchers to meet and exchange on innovative projects to create new synergies in veterinary and human medicine in a “One Health” atmosphere.

Converging the two events “Biofit” and “R&D dating for Animal Health and Innovation”, the actors of the Human and Animal Health had the opportunity to meet and interact on subjects affecting each of them at almost 200 meetings organized during these two days.

This event was organized in partnership with the Animal Health Carnot Institute, The technology transfer SATT IdfInnov, the cluster Atlanpôle Biothérapie, the European Manufacturers of veterinary diagnostics (EMVD) and Provaxs of the Ghent University.

With over 1150 international players of the sector and Health Sciences Expected Living Biofit has become one of the largest business conventions in Europe in the field of open innovation, technology transfer and collaborative research.

14 round tables, 70 speakers, 80% international and 1 conference on the “One Health” concept

Our participants of the R&D dating for Animal Health and Innovation was present in the conference: “ How can Open Innovation be a powerful driver for the OneHealth dynamics? ” including Thierry Pineau (ICSA/ INRA), Isabelle Dieuzy-Labaye (Zoetis) and Sven Arnouts (Provaxs).

This conference recalled in particular the best practices to implement in the field of research collaboration (public-private) in an “One Health” ecosystem, work done by SIMV with all stakeholders in the life sciences and health in France and now in Europe for 4 years.

Let’s commit ourselves to animal and public health innovation together!


About the organizer – SIMV: www.simv.org

The SIMV represents manufacturers and marketers (on the French market) of medicines and reagents for pets and for farm animals. It is the DNA that runs through our entire industry, at the core of many of our interactions.

France is the European leader in research and manufacture of veterinary medicines and reagents with 50 production sites in France and many research centers. The global attractiveness of France in matters of animal health lies in the density of this industrial, veterinary, and professional fabric, in its recognized scientific and technical expertise, and in the capacity of its manufacturers to invest in managing networked R&D projects and international projects. The veterinary medicines industry invests 10 to 12% of its share of turnover to R&D.

To contribute to the competitiveness of its member companies, the SIMV federates laboratories around joint projects, proposes collective strategies in response to the expectations of society and represents the views of its members in its decision-making environment.

About the Steering Committee:

Atlanpôle Biothérapie

CVT Aviesan via son DVS “Innovation en vaccinologie”

European Manufacturers of Veterinary Diagnostics (EMVD)



Fist SA

France Biotech

Institut Carnot MICA (Matériaux innovants et fonctionnels)

Institut Carnot Santé Animale (ICSA)

Réseau Français pour la Santé Animale (RFSA)


SATT Conectus Alsace

SATT Pulsalys

SATT IdfInnov

SATT Ouest Valorisation

Plataforma Tecnológica Española de Sanidad Animal (Vet+i)


About Partners :

  • Animal Health Carnot Institute (ICSA)The mission of ICSA is to support innovation, technology transfer and public-private partnership in the fields of infectious diseases, nutrition and genetics of livestock. For this, the network provides its industrial partners:


  • ICSA, the French research network dedicated to the health of livestock, was labeled “Carnot Institute” by the French Ministry of higher education and research in May 2011. This label is awarded to academic research networks that collaborate efficiently with socio-economic stakeholders.
  • A single point of contact dedicated to companies with access to the wide range of skills to conduct collaborative research
  • A simplified contracting process to ensure listening, traceability, reliability and speed in the processing of contracts.


Key figures of ICSA: 923 research personnel (full-time equivalent) including 130 PhD students, 14 units / laboratories, 38 patent families, 72 active licenses. Per year, about 30 European projects and 80 projects ANR ongoing, 700 publications, 8 200 k€ partnership research incomes, 130 contracts with the private sector, 80 industry partners.

  • Accelerating the Technology Transfer (SATT) – SATT idfInnov


    • The Companies for Accelerating the Technology Transfer (Les Sociétés d’Accélération du Transfert de Technologies or SATT) are French semi-public institutes for the development and commercialization of public research and innovation products. They are part of the measures implemented by the French National Research Agency (ANR) for the “Investment for the Future” program (program with a public funding of 35 B€, and additional private investments), whose ambition is to meet the innovation gap.
  • Cluster : Antlanpôle Biothérapie


    • Atlanpole Biotherapies is one of the seven competitiveness french clusters dedicated to health, accredited by the French government in 2005. It gathers 92 companies, 56 research units, 2 Hospital Universities and 1 veterinary school, and has 28 european partners in international collaborations.
  • European Manufacturers of veterinary diagnostics (EMVD)


The EMVD, a European association, was funded in March 2006 by manufacturers of Animal Health Diagnostics who aimed to reunite forces in order to defend their interests. In particular, the members are acting to improve the current context of lack of harmonization regarding Animal Health Diagnostics in Europe, its simplification and the unfair competitive position of public laboratories.

Today, the EMVD is the only professional organization that represents uniquely the industry of veterinary diagnostic manufactures. They cover a global market, estimated to be around 90% of the total market for Animal Health Diagnostics.

  • Provaxs of the Ghent University.


PROVAXS offers access to a network of laboratories at Ghent University with a focus on infectious diseases and immunity that unite their expertise for the development of innovative vaccines, targeted therapeutics, feed additives and diagnostics.

We offer in depth academic expertise and research capacity on selected animal pathogens and the interaction with their host.

Our focus is on animal health but some technologies and know how can be used for or translated to applications in human medicine.

About BioFIT:

Eurasanté, the economic development agency for Biotech & Healthcare in Northern France, the Nutrition Health Longevity cluster, Conectus Alsace and Alsace BioValley are glad to announce their partnership. They will co-organize the 4th edition of the BioFIT business convention, in Strasbourg, on the 1st and 2nd December, 2015.

More than 1 100 delegates will this year benefit from BioFIT to identify licensing activities and launch new collaborative research projects, identify new partners for their innovation projects. BioFIT is the major event for public/private research collaboration and tech transfer with more than 1 100 participants. As a true European epicenter of Open Innovation and Tech Transfer, BioFIT is a real platform for research collaboration between public and private actors. BioFIT aims to intensify licensing flows and encourages the creation and break-out of innovative products, processes and services in the field of Life Sciences. More than 1 100 participants, amongst who over 50% are international, are expected in Lille for the 2014 edition.

Thanks to this success and because BioFIT has reached the status of the European leading event for tech transfer and collaborative research, the founders of BioFIT have decided to make it an annual event.  Starting from 2015, this convention will take place every year alternatively in Lille and in Strasbourg.

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Laetitia Steffen Research and Communications manager Syndicat de l’industrie du médicament et réactif vétérinaires Tel : +33 (0)1 53 34 43 49 / l.steffen@simv.org

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