Diagnostics For Animals and WOAH concretized a new phase or their cooperation

May 31, 2024 Posted by marie-claire santarosalia

During its 91st General Session, the World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH) elected his new Director General, Dr Emmanuelle Soubeyran, for a 5-year mandate (2024-2029).  We address our congratulations to Dr. Emmanuelle Soubeyran for her election and also thank Dr Monique Eloit’s successful 8-year tenure.

Since 2006, cooperation between our federation of Manufacturers of Animal Health Diagnostics and WOAH has continued to progress. We hope that this new mandate will mark a further step in cooperation between our organizations.

A new milestone was reached this week with the “D4A service request submission desk

Some diagnostic review equipment does not have after sales services: maintenance, repair, calibration. The WOAH study shows that the phenomenon affects a large number of laboratories around the world. D4A’s ambition is to enable the recording of needs, which, if promoted via its Internet, would make it possible to find corresponding service providers.

Our general assembly 29th May 2024 launched this new service in presence of representative of WOAH.

Jean-Luc Troch President of Diagnostics For Animals and Dr Emmanuelle Soubeyran – 17th May 2024

The conference on Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) to Strengthen Veterinary Services opens the opportunity for D4A to call for a new step of cooperation for a mutual benefice. Diagnostics is the 2nd priority of PPPs considered as the most impactful and relevant for the audience. JL Troch recalled that our database offers nearly 3 000 diagnoses to WOAH members to achieve their animal health and welfare objectives.