Diagnosticsforanimals welcomes the official creation of the CEN Technical Committee on Animal Health

April 26, 2021 Posted by marie-claire santarosalia

AFNOR, the French Association for standardization announced the official creation of CEN / TC 469 “Animal Health”:

“With a large consensus, containing the 23 approvals received from CEN member countries, as well as the comments made on AFNOR proposal.

5 countries will actively participate in the work initially: Germany, Finland, France, Netherlands, Sweden” AFNOR said.

Diagnosticsforanimals had been consulted to contribute to this ambitious project. Members of Diagnosticsforanimals had supported this initiative.

We are now entering a new phase and the members of Diagnosticsforanimals will contribute for the work undertaken at European level in this new Committee.

For Jean-Louis Hunault,  General Secretary of Diagnosticsforanimals, “our members share the aims of this new European technical committee dedicated to animal health:

  • promoting good animal health diagnostic practices at European level,
  • harmonizing practices,
  • ensuring common international requirements or guidelines to increase European competitiveness in international trade,
  • supporting stakeholders, e.g. livestock and diagnostics industry, 
  • enhancing the expertise in this field in the countries of CEN members, and, eventually, enhancing protection of consume.

We are very motivated to work with this new Technical Committee”.